Thank you very much for beeing interested in our Adam Rollsysteme GmbH rolling systems! Our product range covers almost all possible applications in the manufacturing of OD threads and profiles and therefore offers optimized solutions. Almost all rolling systems in the market perform in a fast, safe and economical way. Beyond that Adam Rollsysteme GmbH rolling systems are of highest quality and deliver repeatable manufacturing results at any time with the highest possible durability and lifetime. Adam Rollsysteme GmbH thread rolling systems are easy to set up, safe and highly  exible.

And please consider the following: rolling systems can save costs because they avoid the waste of material as they do not produce chips! Rolling systems are not cutting but cold-forming the material! With Adam Rollsysteme GmbH rolling systems almost all thread sizes and thread types can be produced in highest precision. Furthermore they can produce swagings, knurls and serrations as well. Thus each workpiece always obtains the highest quality of press-polished surface.

Thread rolling heads by Adam Rollsysteme GmbH are not ‘just‘ thread rolling heads, but all-purpose tools which will add to the efficiency of your production. Thread rolling systems are universally used in the industry for automotive, motorsports, aircraft, machinebuilding and OEM-manufacturing worldwide. They are also ef cient to be used in smaller workshops and for smaller production lots. Please do not hesitate to enquire with us for the suitable tools for your application! You will be surprised how easy it is to  find an efficient solution with our rolling systems!

Other Threadtypes and Threadsizes
on Request

We do supply all Thread- and Profilerolls for FETTE, WAGNER, REED RICO,
C.J.WINTER, LANDIS Rollingheads